Saturday, September 6, 2008

Start of a New Blog and Journey

yes folks, i've started a blog for the first time in my life. i think this would be a good time to do so.

it's day 11, but let's recap and go back to day 1. A LOT has happened since the first day i got here.

DAY 1 (WED. AUG 27)

arrived at around 330pm at Logan International. i had no idea how i was going to get to my place. taxi? shuttle? bus? subway? limo? went with the taxi + zipcar (which is the coolest thing btw) option. i got dropped a few blocks near the BU medical campus (where i work), which is also near kat's place, where a zipcar was located.

before i hopped into the car i called my landlord to give her a heads up. i told her i just came into town and that i am ready to move in. but she tells me that the room i am supposed to stay in is still occupied by the current tenant and is not leaving until the weekend. she told me before that i had the whole month of august free, so i can move in whenever. wtf?! i just got into boston and have no place to stay!

i then hopped into the zipcar and went to meet up with kat at some bar 10-15 minutes away. it is so crazy driving in boston! only driving for a few seconds, i had already driven the wrong way on a one way street. drivers here are crazy cuz they run red lights and don't wait for pedestrians to cross. in retaliation, pedestrians cross whenever and wherever they wish. you also have to often avoid double parkers cuz apparently it's pretty common to do so here.

after picking up kat, i dropped off my stuff at her place and head over to my place to see what the situation is with the current tenant. i ended up meeting my future roommate, Andrew, who tells me that the person who was staying in my future room had already moved out. WOO HOO! i actually have a place to stay! side note: Kat thinks that my roommate is attracted to me cuz of how he was friendly and enthusiastic towards me.

sooo afterwards we had on to target to buy a bunch of apartment crap. on the way back i ended up driving on the wrong side of the road AGAIN! it was night time and i SWEAR i did not see any 'do not enter signs' or signs saying to turn right. for dinner, kat and i decided to eat at this venezuelan restaurant called orinoco. pretty chill place i'd say. small, quaint, good food, and relatively cheap prices! i even had dominican beer.

alrite. that's enough for now. stay tuned for scenes of the next days in boston.

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