Thursday, January 29, 2009

you speak english?

i was walkin out of my building after work and this well-dressed man with a tie, trench, glasses comes up to me and gets my attention. i take off my earphones and asks me, "do you speak english?"

at that point i was like what the hell?! for the next few seconds i give him a strange look and start walking away. he says, "what? do i look like a gangster?" yes, cuz people dressed up in a tie, shirt, trenchcoat and glasses look like gangsters, idiot. so i said "no, cuz it's the question you asked. is it cuz i look...." then he finishes my sentence and says "asian." i put back on my earphones and walked towards the bus stop. i think he said something, but i didn't hear him nor did i care to.

c'mon now, why would you ask such a ignorant question? we were standing on the grounds of a US public educational institution and i even had a backpack on. wouldn't you assume i was a student and automatically assume i spoke english? that would be an ok question to ask if we were in a foreign country, but not in the US. would he have asked that same question if i was white or black?

i didn't have to say anything else to school that ignorant motherfucker.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i want...

to be a DJ....again.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

no heat!

for the past two months my room has been without heat while the temp has been dropping to the teens. sometime in november or october it had worked for one day but hadn't worked since. i pretty much left it up to my roommates to contact my landlord and didn't bother to take any action myself. so i let the cold days go by and was too stubborn to get a space heater cuz i didn't want to pay more electricity (even though my roommates use one, which screws me over since we evenly split the electric bill). i simply wore a bunch of layers and slept beneath 6 blankets to keep me warm in my own room.

(btw, under massachusetts law, landlords are required to provide heat to 68F during the day and 64F at night between Sept 15 and June 15. i had a whole class session on housing code. go public health!)

finally, i started getting fed up with shivering when i wake up in the morning and while i'm at home at night. i started calling up my manager to try and get the problem fixed. and then after a few days our heater started working again! and it still continues to work! just in time for single-digit weather.


i need to blog more.