Tuesday, April 21, 2009


...An old old wooden warship use during the civil war era? There's more truth to that here in Boston than the idea that there is a large variety and large numbers of ethnic groups all around. But don't get me wrong though, you'll find a good number of african-americans, latinos, chinese, african-carribeans. but they're pretty much segregated into their own neighbhorhoods (usually poor) and usually don't mix in with the white folk. this is probably true for cities in general. it's true that in the bay you'll have ethnic neighborhoods, but you'll come a cross a lot of areas, including the richer ones, where you'll find people mixed in together.

in boston you aren't going to find much filipinos. in public health there's me, kat, another in kat's class, and a half-indian/half-filipino. So at least 3.5 of us in the school of public health. a couple times i've seen and heard a couple talking in tagalog on campus. they could be nurses, who knows. but that's pretty much it for boston. i've heard there's a community of filipinos in one suburb outside of boston.

in my department, i am the only asian/pacific islander-american and one of three non-whites. there was four of us, but one of em (who i really liked and talked to the most here) left and was replaced by a white person. in my classes, it's mostly white females and i'm the only api male. it it depressing? sorta cuz i've never experience somethign this extreme before. but it doesn't bother me too much that i can't stand it. it's something that i got used to right away.