Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1st Week of September

a lot happened in the first week of sept. chiara and madel left =/ and i started my first week in my new office. the school of public health is housed in a mansion looking building...

working on campus is way cooler than working in a lonely satellite office disconnected from the university for many reasons:
(1) younger people my age are around
(2) more people around in general
(3) i get to flash my university ID card whenever i want to:

(4) i get an office labeled with my name:

(5) very relaxed and chill environment
(6) ever so often there are socials in my department and in the school in general. during my first friday at work, we had a going away party for someone in my dept and celebrated with snack and beer! that's right, beer at work, on campus. so i drank it up with staff, doctoral students, my manager, and even professors!
(7) and the best of all is that i get the majority of my tuition paid for!

another plus side about living in boston is that you do not need a car at all to get around most places. destinations are either walkable or public transportationable. no need to worry about gas, traffic, parking, carjacking, etc.

side note: there are hella cal alumni living in boston. every week they get together at some bar near fenway to watch cal football games. we're everywhere!


quizzle said...

at first i just read "i get to flash". i feel ya on the alum thing. i was gonna include it on a blog post...then i got lazy. good seeing you this weekend bud.

Madel said...

aww Norwin, I'm going to visit you again, sometime soon. I need another trip, as usual huh?

I wish you could make it here this weekend. Would be fun!! =) If not, you'll be okay over there, even if you don't have the beautiful San Diego weather. TOOTLES!! :D