Monday, October 20, 2008


(not to be confused with Aaron Burr who dueled with Alexander Hamilton)

it's freakin cold in Boston! it feels like how the bay would feel like in the winter...and it's only october! i can only imagine how cold it will be during the winter. i've already starting stockpiling on jackets, coats and gloves. i hope all of you are enjoying your 70-80 degree weather while us here are suffering from 40-50 degree weather with wind chills that make it feel like your face is stuck in the freezer. just another reason why i don't want to live in the east coast forever.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Welcome Home

"enjoy your stay if you're visiting, otherwise....welcome home." damn, i had a warm and tingly feeling inside (twss) when the flight attendant said that. i really havent been gone for that long, but it feels good to be back home. it's a weird feeling really. it feels like i'm returning to my life in cali that has been on pause for 1+ months after pausing my life in boston. so it's almost like i'm living two lives back and forth. it's kinda hard to explain.

on a side note: i knew the flight to SFO was gonna be pretty full and pretty risky for me to get on as standby. they starting boarding the regular passengers first. and then they announce a couple names who were on standby to give tickets two. a few more minutes went by. they didn't announce any names but at the same time didnt say the flight was checked in full. so still hopeful. and then the person at the counter says there are 3 unchecked seats and there were 6 of us on standby, with me being the youngest (btw, age doesn't matter since it's all about employee seniority). they checked the seats again and there was actually only 1 seat left. so my chanced slimmed down even more. they also said they didn't want anyone with a bag to board, i guess, for space reasons. they announced a name but it was one of the people travelling in a pair and they didn't want to get seperated. and then they announce my name! and i didn't have any bags with me! whoo hooo going home! i kinda felt guilty for taking the last spot and leaving 5 people in the dust. oh well, i've had to pay my dues in the past and had to wait for the next flight(s) or even get stranded for a day or two. luck was on my side!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fuckin Asian Kid

That's what I was called 40 minutes ago as i was walking towards my apt. There are folks who live on the corner that seem to have gatherings every week on top of some balcony or terrace that leads into an apt and some racist dumb ass from that group starts yelling that with a mocking Asian accent. Obviously it was directed at me cuz I was the only one in the vicinity and I assume there were no "Asian kids" in that group. If you didn't already guess, i was pretty pissed off. But what was I gonna do? Yell back "Fuck you?" I didn't want to risk starting something and have a group of guys beat me up or find out where I live exactly. I wish I had my friends to back me up. So I kept cool and just walked straight to my apt without even looking in their direction. So I have no idea what they look like. BUT I do know where they live. That was a good idea of you to yell that to me from where you or your friend lives, buddy. What should I use to "bless" their hangout spot? Eggs? A can of paint? Patis?

The stigma that Boston is racist is starting to come into the light. I'd never hear this in Vallejo or SF. I hope it doesn't get worse than this.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One Reason Why Boston Sucks

don't get me wrong, boston is a great city. but there's a few things that make it less great that it could be

one of them is....

NO HAPPY HOUR ANYWHERE! WTF! pay full price for drinks all day?! that's ridiculous! apparently it's some kind of state or city law saying bars can't discount their drinks for a short period of time or some ish like that. WHACK! That's a reason why I wouldn't want to live here forever. At least there's a place that has $2 Taco Tuesdays and Trader Joe's here has Two Buck Chuck.