Wednesday, December 9, 2009

latest thoughts

my goodness, it's been that long since i blog on here? well, time to blog some thoughts and updates...

since starting part-time schooling on top of working full-time, i've developed the tendency to put things off til later. basically procrastinating. but not just procrastinating school work and hobbies and such, but also feelings, thoughts, opinions, etc. when i was working in CA and even when i was still at berkeley, i had more time to think about the finer things in life. and now because i'm busy doing work, studying, traveling, i feel like i don't have the time to sit down and reflect on my life and the things i believe in. anybody else feel the same way? do i even make sense? i just feel that i am starting to lose myself.

i'm about halfway done (time-wise) with my master's program. yay! but i still have a lot to do: 5-6 classes, a practicum, a final project and presentation. and this is all on top of working full-time.

it was my second year in a row celebrating thanksgiving in the east coast. this year i traveled to NYC. good food. good times. ribs and choco-pecan pie will be my traditional holiday offerings. Props to Mark C. for hosting the dinner and giving me a place to stay in the borough where RunDMC, Nas, and LL Cool J call home.

i hate how all of these sales are making me want to buy stuff for myself instead of buying stuff for others this holiday season. but snowboarding and coldweather stuff is essential now that it's cold and snowing...right?

speaking of snowboarding. this sat will be my first time snowboarding in the east coast in the state where snowboarding was born...vermont! there any filipinos out there?

two weeks until i get to go back home!