Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Settling In

the next couple of days involved going to ikea, target, etc. I even dropped by my work to get my ID, talk with my staff, and even to use the comp to look up and print out stuff. at this point, even though I was moving into my new place, it felt like I was starting a long vacation. Homesickness did not settle in yet.

that Friday of labor day weekend, Chiara came into town, yay! She came in late that night since it's a long way from Philly (~7 hours ride). We were gonna go out with Kat and her roommate, but it ended up being too late and us being too tired. The next morning we ate at a popular cafe in Jamaica Plains called Center St Cafe. it's one of those organicy, fresh, pricey cafes. and then we pretty much spent the rest of the day organizing and cleaning up my room until we had to drive to Providence to pick up Madel. my second visitor in 24 hours! yay!

we really didn't spend too much time in Providence. a lot of people were out and about cuz of their annual fire river thingy or whatever it's called. we headed back to Boston and ate in Chinatown at a place called Gourmet Dumpling House. not bad. the only weird thing was the sauce for their sesame chicken. it had the consistency of snot (yeah, not a very nice image). but it wasn't bad nor did it taste like snot.

we walked a bit around town to find a bar to hangout in. we didn't have much luck until we came across this place called Rattlesnake bar. not much colored folk in the crowd i'd say. the place also had a rooftop but for some reason, the bouncer didn't let us up. the reason is prolly cuz we're 'Asian.' cuz a moment later we see him let other people in. later on we ask why we couldn't go up there, and his reason was that there were too many people up there. BS. but he finally let us up there. as we were going up the stairs i swore i heard him say a phrase that ended in the word 'Asian.' some say Boston is pretty racist. fortunately, i have yet to experience any sort of racism or discrimination aside from this incident. Boston is actually a colorful city with so many ethnic groups. the only thing is that it just needs a lil bit more filipinos.

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