Wednesday, September 24, 2008

From Fenway to Cannoli

(sunday of labor day weekend)

boston natives are extremely die hard sports fans, especially of the red sox. wear anything yankee or new york and you're bound to get jumped by a 5 year old bostonian. ok, that's an exaggeration, but yaddadamean. and it's almost impossible to score tix to the game unless you fork up hella $$, got connections, school field trip, or just get lucky with standby tix. kat and madel failed to get some, but it's ok. the green monster will be there next year.

here's the outside fenway park (not my pic):

here's a place to go nearby if you failed to score tix. it's called cask and flagon and apparently it's ranked by espn as the #2 baseball bar in the nation:

before going to the above locations, we went to church. here's the church just a minute walk from my apt:

and here's a view of boston from the church:

following lunch at cask and flagon was a trip to north end (little italy). you can't leave there without a stop at mike's pastries. mmmmmmm cannoli.

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Madel said...

I love their Cannoli's!! MmM!!