Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Surfing

I've been fortunate enough to have the chance to snowboard on two coasts this past Winter season. Twice in Vermont, three times in Tahoe. I've been to two Vermont resorts--Killington and Sugar Bush. They're great resorts, but they simply don't beat Tahoe. They're just as far from Boston as they the Tahoe resorts are from the Bay. But here in the East, it sucks that I don't have a car nor do I have the same group of friends that I would normally go boarding with.

Every time you board, I recommend climbing to the very top of the summit. At Sugar Bush, I went atop Mt. Ellen, the highest peak at the resort. Really amazing views. I felt like I was away from all of the craziness in the world. Peace and tranquility settle in when you begin to look at the world below. Then all of that shatters when the excitement and adrenaline kick in when you realize that you have to cruise down the mountain to the bottom, back to reality. I love how no matter how early you wake up or how little sleep you get, the adrenaline you get while boarding keeps you going.

I'm really hoping to snowboard at least one more time before the snow melts. 2nd week of March in Tahoe anyone??

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K(K) said...

did you say snow and board? i'm there.