Saturday, February 27, 2010

Trip to PVD

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my fam flew over from bay for the weekend. mom really wanted to go to providence, so off we went in a zipcar.

providence is much much smaller than boston. it's pretty much known for brown university and a big italian population possibly harboring mafia (thanks chiara for that info). the above pic is of brown's mascot.....a bear. (brown bears < golden bears) brown also has thayer st which is equivalent to berkeley's telegraph minus blondie's, bums, and diversity. it's worth visiting since it's an old historic ivy league university with a nice looking campus.

not much else going on in PVD. has a big mall with a D&Bs and Tiffany's. didn't get a chance to go to federal hill which is where you'll find the italian restaurants and such. PVD is also known for it's annual waterfire festival where they light bonfires in the river. nice place to go, but i don't see myself going there too often.

got a few other pics here.

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