Thursday, January 29, 2009

you speak english?

i was walkin out of my building after work and this well-dressed man with a tie, trench, glasses comes up to me and gets my attention. i take off my earphones and asks me, "do you speak english?"

at that point i was like what the hell?! for the next few seconds i give him a strange look and start walking away. he says, "what? do i look like a gangster?" yes, cuz people dressed up in a tie, shirt, trenchcoat and glasses look like gangsters, idiot. so i said "no, cuz it's the question you asked. is it cuz i look...." then he finishes my sentence and says "asian." i put back on my earphones and walked towards the bus stop. i think he said something, but i didn't hear him nor did i care to.

c'mon now, why would you ask such a ignorant question? we were standing on the grounds of a US public educational institution and i even had a backpack on. wouldn't you assume i was a student and automatically assume i spoke english? that would be an ok question to ask if we were in a foreign country, but not in the US. would he have asked that same question if i was white or black?

i didn't have to say anything else to school that ignorant motherfucker.


Richelle said...

omg...i had a similar moment. see the "other irksome moments" part:

(hi norwin!!)

M. said...

Oh heeeeeeeellll no. That pisses me off. I'm glad you were big enough to walk away. I totally would've gave him a "what did you just ask me dumbass?!" kinda look. That dumb fck.