Monday, October 20, 2008


(not to be confused with Aaron Burr who dueled with Alexander Hamilton)

it's freakin cold in Boston! it feels like how the bay would feel like in the winter...and it's only october! i can only imagine how cold it will be during the winter. i've already starting stockpiling on jackets, coats and gloves. i hope all of you are enjoying your 70-80 degree weather while us here are suffering from 40-50 degree weather with wind chills that make it feel like your face is stuck in the freezer. just another reason why i don't want to live in the east coast forever.


Kat said...

Last night I wrapped my head in my A's blanket because it was so cold. You should invest in Uggs. They are fabulous. =P

[ nicky ] said...

last week phil, mikhael, casey, shelly, and i went swimming. come visit SD!

Madel said...

Aww!! That sucks. Yeah, that night I was at my Auntie's, she said, "If your friends never experienced a whole winter in Boston, they won't know what hit them." =(

Don't worry Norwin, just think 'happy' thoughts.

Madel said...

Uh hello, where's the new posts???